Stampal SB is one of the best legal entities in Slovenia

Slovenska Bistrica, 23. 7. 2014

STAMPAL SB d.o.o., with an A rating, stands among the top 7.47% of the best legal entities in Slovenia.

In 2014, a credit rating of excellent, i.e. a rating of A, was established by only 9,135 companies out of approximately 123,000 companies registered in Slovenia.

There are 120 companies registered in the scope of our overall activity (C 25.500 Forging, pressing, stamping and roll-forming of metal; powder metallurgy), 16 of which meet the international standards for having a credit rating of excellent in Slovenia.

Companies with the highest rating do excellent business, which means that we are a company that has been providing above-average payments over the past year, that we are a safe partner to cooperate with and that there are no blockages of any kind. At the same time, our company meets the criteria for minimising the likelihood of recording any of the following events in the coming twelve months:

  • bankruptcy, compulsory composition or liquidation (probability of <0.59%),
  • removal of the entity from the business register (probability of <1.83%),
  • blocking of accounts of the entity continuously for more than 60 days or intermittently for more than 90 days (probability of <1.66%).

A credit rating of excellent represents an above-average credit value of business entities. It is based on their financial statements for the last financial year (2013) and predicts the security of their business over the next 12 months.
A credit rating of excellent has been awarded to the best companies with a key differential advantage in their business.

Thus, the companies demonstrating an excellent credit rating represent the most reliable, credible and low-risk business entities to cooperate with all business partners: clients, customers, suppliers, insurers, banks and other business partners.