Enviromental policy

  • Forged aluminum parts have obtained the reputation of being the products of future mainly due to environmentally friendly processing, use and recycling.
  • Stampal SB is aware of the fact that equipment, raw material and knowledge as well as natural sources which are used in the production of aluminum products have a direct influence on environment.
  • We believe that well thought treatment of nature is the only way to ensure the satisfaction of employees, buyers and general public.
  • We constantly strive to reduce the environmental impact resulting from our present and past operations. Thus, in planning new activities ecologically effective technical solutions are chosen. Moreover, in developing new products the content of dangerous elements, which are harmful to humans and environment, is being limited.
  • System of environmental treatment is integrated into all processes of company Stampal SB and is constantly evolving.

Fundamental principles:

  • Permanent commitment of management to protect the environment, which is reflected in delegating powers and responsibilities to authorized employees. Management also ensures the efficient implementation of environmental programmes and coordinates environmental policy with the development of company and its surrounding environment.
  • Our ecological aims are directed towards gradual introduction of ecologically efficient procedures in accordance with the company's technological and financial capabilities.
  • Compliance with the laws and regulations, guidelines and reference documents (BREF) on the best techniques (NRT) as well as other adopted legitimate requirements are considered our obligation on all levels. Compliance is ensured by regular measurements performed by an authorized institution.
  • Implementation of a program regarding ecological activities was incorporated into a short- and long-term plans and strategy. Annual determination of new tasks in the field of environmental protection ensures the constant improvement of ecological status.
  • All employees receive the appropriate training according to their assignments concerning environmental protection. This ensures the higher level of environmental awareness and acquisition of competence for special tasks. Understanding and implementing the principles regarding the protection of the environment are binding on all employees.
  • Requirements concerning understanding as well as implementing the principles of environmental policy and operations in accordance with regulatory requirements are all passed on to our suppliers and others conducting business with Stampal SB along with training for employees whose working area is related to important environmental dimension.
  • By adopting environmental policy we oblige to prevent environmental contamination. Our efforts are reflected in:
  • reduction of all emissions;
  • limited, controlled and rational (prudent) utilization of dangerous substances;

·        contribution to energy efficiency.