Quality policy

Quality is our main priority and central feature of our corporate philosophy. We always make sure we exceed the customer expectation on the quality front. We are proud on our company, our employees and our customers. Our vision is to achieve optimal quality for appropriate price on the market place.

We are ISO 9001: 2008 certified company.

Our important goals are:

  • on time delivery
  • quality parts
  • maintained equipment
  • we are aware that the proper training of each employee is a precondition for achieving and maintaining the required quality. This is achieved through continuing education and targeted training
  • quality should not be understood only as responsibility of individual department but as responsibility of everyone working in a company. All employed in company have to be quality orientated and all have to work in a way that common goal will be reached
  • our customers are long term partners, we offer them a full support
  • constantly improving our technology and techniques
  • care for environment
  • respect of existing legislation
  • to became trustworthy company on global market, especially on European market, by increasing the sale in automotive, motorcycle and other transport industry.

The management fulfils its commitment to quality also in such ways that all workers know, understand and carry out the quality policy.