Stampal SB d.o.o. manufactures high-quality aluminium alloy blanks. By introducing and implementing continuous process improvements, the company seeks to achieve long-term satisfaction and loyalty of its customers.

Therefore, we have bound ourselves to:

  • listen and respond to the needs and expectations of our customers,
  • meet the objectives set with a team approach, thus providing for the greatest possible contribution of every single individual,
  • continuously develop all personnel for meeting their expectations and business objectives,
  • meet the needs of our market and to thus increase our competitive advantage by applying state-of-the-art technologies as well as by following new opportunities and changing demands of our customers,
  • invest in the best manufacturing techniques, logistics, service and support for our customers so as to meet their expectations,
  • long-term financial security and business growth with a professional approach and high productivity in all areas,
  • meet demands, verify efficiency and continuously improve the quality assurance system.

Timely and targeted planning of all activities, implementation thereof, verification of efficiency and implementation of corrective and prevention measures bring about continuous quality system improvements.