Forging is a traditional technique used for processing aluminium alloys which is widely used in the aeronautical, cycle and motorcycle sectors, and is growing in popularity in the automotive sector. The forging of aluminium alloys is the process of converting a uniform blank shape into a final product by hammering the material between shaped or flat dies. Combination of good mechanical properties, dimensional accuracy and surface finish means that aluminium forgings are used in highly stressed parts where structural integrity is of paramount importance. Aluminium is a modern material for modern solutions for today and tomorrow.

Our company offers a wide range of forged products; weight from 0, 05 till 3 kg. We produce around 1 million parts per year from different aluminium alloys.

The high dimensional precision and excellent mechanical properties of our products are obtained by means of:

  • the choice of the best alloys for the manufacture of every product from 2000 till 7075
  • the use of furnaces with very restricted temperature tolerances, both for pre-heating and heat treatment
  • high quality equipment including a wide range of presses from 0,45 till 1,3 MN
  • additional operations on the forged products including surface treatment like pickling, tumbling, sandblasting and machining.

 We are cooperating with quality toolmakers with short delivery time, which is very important for our flexibility and for being competitive on market.