About us

Company Stampal SB is an aluminium forging company, producing forged parts or final parts based on our products. You can find us in industrial zone Impol in Slovenska Bistrica, on the south side of the beautiful Pohorje mountains 25 km from Maribor and 70 km from Graz.

We should declare ourselves as a "young company with old experience" given to us by our founders. On its location Stampal SB is employing all the personnel needed to give the respectable level of services to the clients and able to manage good quality level for a reasonable price.

Mechanical presses from 230 to 1300 tons are installed in our production plant offering a good range of different capacities for many forged parts. All the necessary operations are implemented in house including heat treatment, pickling, vibrofinish and manual operations on the parts. The range of alloys from 2000 up to 7075 can be supplied. Our company offers a wide range of forged products.

The final parts can be offered including machining, anodising, with special packaging etc.

We sell our products on the European market. Our production is harmonised with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Our main characteristics are:

  • Young, ambitious and highly skilled personnel,
  • Good quality products
  • Small and flexible organisation of the company,
  • Competitive delivery terms,
  • Good price / quality rate of our products.

Our strategy is long term cooperation with our clients from the development to the production of the parts .