We live in an era of aluminium

Its good properties result in a 5 % rise in the use of aluminium per annum, the greatest among all metals. Its re-use and recycling options are excellent, as it can be remelted and reused with relatively small losses, making aluminium one of the most environmentally friendly alloys.

About 48 million tons of primary aluminium are produced annually. It is also estimated that about 20 million tons of secondary aluminium are processed on an annual basis. 


In what ways does aluminium possess such a great advantage over other materials?

  • Low specific weight which is why fuel costs resulting from a lower weight of vehicles, vessels, planes, etc. can be reduced.
  • Resistance to atmospheric agents (because aluminium products are not subject to corrosion which reduces restoration costs).
  • Excellent electrical conductivity (aluminium and its alloys constitute the only useful material for the transmission of high-voltage power).
  • Specific mechanical properties facilitate relatively good shaping and reshaping thereof. 
  • Safe material in terms of health. 
  • Can be recycled and subsequently reused.
  • Long lifespan.